About the boutique

Baphomet.se was created in 2021 by me, Thomas, and I am constantly working with this webpage and its purpose. I work full-time as the equivalent of a nurses technician, or orderly depending on country, in one of the countries big hospitals. My hobby is creating different things, and some of these I now, of course, want to try and sell. Over time, I have acquired some licenses from designers which I try to represent in the best way possible. These licenses make it possible for me to materialise terrain, figures, and decorations to sell. I also find it prudent to support various charities that I think is for the greater good; And what those charities are you can read about below. I declare the income from this hobby as separate income in my yearly tax return. Please have a look in my FAQ if you are wondering about any terms that I've used on the website. FAQ, om du är intresserad av vad namnet kommer ifrån, eller är fundersam över någon term på hemsidan.

The things I make are jewellery, decorations, tabletop figures, and other details ment for table-top roleplaying games. If you find anything you like, but does not quite fit your needs, please contact me and tell me how I might improve. In regards to jewellery, I can possibly make a custom version to fit your needs.

The environment is very important to me, and therefor I strive to have as little negative impact on it as possible. The resin I work with is harmful to the environment and water based organism, in it's floating form, and mist form, which is why I always harden even the residual material before disposing of it through the proper channels. Cured resin is however deemed harmless, as long as you do not file it down into powder and dilute it in water or breathe it in. I, of course, make use of every necessary protection when I handle the materials, but to compensate for the environment I use:

  • 100% recycled, and reusable packaging. Even the tape is recycled, and manufactured without solvents in its glue.
  • As far as possible, the packaging material ment to protect the product will consist of wood wool/wood shavings, which you can reuse, compost, or place around your strawberry bushes to protect them somewhat against certain insects, as well as cold weather. Sometimes, however, I may use re-use packaging material that has been used in my day job, but that would be an exception.
  • I use plant based resin as much as possible.
  • Before disposal of the residual resin (like the supports), I cure it so that it will not release dangerous compounds and chemicals.
  • I sort the waste that is created so that it can be recycled in a proper manner.

I promise that 10% of the price of a product will be donated to 1 of 6 charities, of which you as a customer can choose 1. If you do not choose one of the charities I will use my own discretion and pick one for you, but display a receipt, or other proof that a donation has been made. If you absolutely DO NOT want to donate to one of these charities, I won't force you, but the products will not be discounted 10% if you choose to do so. I also want to point out that these charities do not cost you anything extra as the price is already included in every product, and that these charities are not deductible for me. I also promise that I have not mentally added any donation cost when pricing the products, but have tried to calculate a fair monetary compensation for time, material, electricity, and parts, etc.

Välgörenheterna är som följer:

The charities have in common humanities, animals, and the environments well-being. The donation will be made in the stores name, as well as yours. Sometimes the 10% you wish to donate is not enough to make a donation, because certain organisations have a minimum monetary value they accept (which I think is stupid), so I may wait until the end of the month to donate in case someone else also wishes to contribute.