Bloodlords of the Deep – Stormbringer Leviathan (75mm bas)

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In ages past, the stormbringer leviathans were legion. They
were creations of the goddess Thess, tasked with carrying
out her will and delivering her terrible vengeance. As the
time of gods waned, though, so did their numbers, until
only one remained.
The last stormbringer has guarded the waters of the Isles of
Thess for longer than any man or woman can remember.
Its lonely vigil, however, was interrupted by Lady Sarenya
after her ascent to power. The ancient vampire used her
psychic might and corrupting blood to bend Thess’ last
guardian to her will. Now, the leviathan serves as her
personal monster, tearing apart the few ships that make it
to the isles intact.

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Dimensioner 9.8 cm

Errol, Flynn


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