Äventyr – Curse of the Skinwalkers

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Everything the DM needs for this adventure, except the models, is included in this booklet. NPC stats, flowsheet for the passing hours, information on what critical information the adventurers need, as well as maps of the surroundings. The DM also recieves the NPC goals for each scene, and equipment.


Utskriften av boken är gjord av proffs, och är inget hemmasnickrat.

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Nearly seventeen years ago, on the eve of the autumn
celebration of Falltide, Torian Bartos and his sweetheart
Ellia ignored the warnings of their elders and joined a
small band of youths to rove out into the woods. People
from the surrounding villages had for years whispered
of strange forest folk that dwelled in the deep woods
and danced among the trees. When Torian and his party
found them, they were eager to admit the youths into their
monthly revelries. Fires burned high, strange drinks were
had, and the chants of the forest dwellers turned the night
into a frantic blur.
Nine months later, Torian and Ellia were expecting their
first child – but instead of a human baby, the twisted,
wolfish creatures produced as a result of their union
drove Torian to flee in the night, driven half-mad with
fear and horror. Their monstrous children were born as
Skinwalkers, bearers of the curse of Kosuluth.
Ellia was driven out of town with her children two days
later, and was never seen again. Torian, wracked by guilt
and shame, eventually returned to search for her, but after
a year of roving fruitlessly through the countryside he
accepted that Ellia was likely dead. Shoulders heavy with
guilt, he travelled north to join a distant abbey, devoting
the rest of his life to the gods.
But the pair’s children live on, and the curse of Kosuluth
still boils in their veins…

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Alpha Skinwalker, Skinwalker 1, Skinwalker 2, The Abomination of Kosuluth, The Gravewood Tree, Talassa Kirov – Bounty Hunter, Pieter Arnef – Rogue, Thorngrove Tree 1, Thorngrove Tree 2, Yseult – Maiden of the Grove, Rulebook


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