Äventyr – Dragons of the Immortal Flame

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Far to the east lies the Aavarosi Archipelago, a chain of
sweeping, sun-kissed isles that curl gently southward
like the tail of an immense leviathan. Thirty years prior,
the Drakkari Ascendancy arrived at its eastmost shores,
finding a land divided among petty kings and plagued
by rampant monsters. A vast imperial power from a
distant land, the Ascendancy did what it does best – it tore
through the small, squabbling kingdoms, putting their
kings to the sword and gradually bringing island after
island under its rule.
The advance of the Drakkari seemed unstoppable. For
five long years their armies crushed all opposition to
their advance, annihilating the bands of goblinoids and
dangerous monsters that infested the archipelago in
those days. It was only when the last remaining human
kingdoms of the island chain banded together that they
were able to bring the conquest to a standstill.
The old powers of Aavaros have remained united to this
day, under the banner of the Emerald Concordant, and
for the last twenty-five years there has been an uneasy
stalemate between the two sides – one that is easily
exploited by an opportunist of great enough ambition and
The exiled dragon Varaxathra, taking advantage of the
Drakkari governor’s desire to make up for his military
defeat over two decades ago, convinced him to abduct
Lord Euric, a major figurehead of the Concordant. She
intends on using any attempt at retaliation as a pretext for
reigniting hostilities and retaking her old position within
the Ascendancy.
The agents of the Concordant have sought out a band of
mercenaries with the grit and expertise to extract


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