Flesh to Stone – Cavern Haunter (50mm bas)

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The cavern haunters are a mystery lost to time. Locals to
the Shatterpeak region, most notably the barbaric Ghul,
consider them leftovers of an elder age and signs of ill
omen. Some believe that they are the twisted remains
of a lost dwarven kingdom. Others tell that encased
within their stony forms are the maddened ghosts of dead
mountain giants.
No matter their true origins, the cavern haunters lurk in
caves and tunnels deep beneath the mountains, wandering
listlessly until their sharp hearing detects signs of life –
at which point they react violently, tracking down and
slaying any flesh and blood creatures they come across.
They seem to have no other purpose or desires, respond to
no known language, and cannot be reasoned with.

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Dimensioner 5.55 cm


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