Flesh to Stone – Hurongar Stonefist (25mm bas)

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The orc shaman Hurongar Stonefist was once feared across
the farwestern lands, raiding and pillaging at the head of
a great orcish horde. In those days, he had no patience or
love for the mystic arts, and cared only for steel. His great
successes drove him to turn toward the Shatterpeaks,
where orcs had once held sway thousands of years before –
and it was there that he first tasted, his horde scattered by
the Ghul and his arm mutilated by the petrifying magic of
their shamans.
Defeated, not not deterred, Hurongar became obsessed. He
threw himself into the study of the mountains’ history and
magic, and eventually came to learn of the titan slumbering
amidst the Shatterpeaks.
Now an experienced shaman, Hurongar has returned to
the site of his first and greatest defeat. He has united the
scattered stoneflesh orcs that prowl the Shatterpeaks and is
intent upon releasing the titan from its prison, hoping to
use its power to carve out a mighty orcish empire.

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Dimensioner 3.8 cm


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