Flesh to Stone – Skarahn (25mm bas)

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Once the chieftain of one of the largest stoneflesh orc
tribes, Skarahn and his followers are fanatics, devoted
to the half-remembered god they call Father Mountain.
A persistent scourge to the human clans that roam the
Shatterpeaks, Skarahn has fought a decades-long campaign
of internecine violence against them, believing that the
stoneflesh orcs are the true children of Father Mountain,
and the heights belong to them alone.
When Hurongar Stonefirst came with his secret
knowledge, powerful magic, and his mission to unleash the
Mountain Titan from its prison, Skarahn proclaimed him
a prophet of Father Mountain, throwing himself down
at the shaman’s feed and pledging undying loyalty to him.
Now, he serves as Hurongar’s fiercest warrior and second
in command, ever at the forefront of the orc shaman’s

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