Flesh to Stone – Stoneflesh Orc 1-4 (25mm bas)

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The Shatterpeaks have for ages past been home to many
hundreds of warring orc tribes. Millennia ago, the
mountains were their undisputed domain, and the humans
of the region suffered greatly under their rule. With the
rise of the Ghulainn Empire, however, the orcish hold
over the Shatterpeaks was broken. Driven from their
temples and slaughtered to less than a tenth of their former
population, the orcs of the Shatterpeaks descended into
bitter infighting.
Like the other creatures that dwell atop the Shatterpeaks,
the stoneflesh orcs have been twisted by the presence of
the earth titan slumbering beneath the mountains. Though
more ponderous and heavier than their lowland kin,
the stony growths that adorn their flesh makes them far
tougher, and they are natural climbers.

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Stoneflesh Orc 1, Stoneflesh Orc 2, Stoneflesh Orc 3, Stoneflesh Orc 4


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