Infernal Forges – Eeüröns

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The Eeüröns were born in the deep reaches of the Hells, created by merging the blood of fiends and mortal giantkin. They were created as a slave race, destined to toil endlessly in the forges of the Pit, crafting weapons of dark majesty for devilish nobility. The Eeüröns were too cunning for their masters to control forever, though, and six of the most ancient — now known to them as the Forgefathers — engineered a revolution, leading their kin to the material realm, where they built a city of dark iron among the deepest depths of the under-dark. The Forgefathers have long since vanished, though they remain the exalted icons to the Eeüröns, and the fell giants have turned their disciplined, patient minds toward conquest. Seizing much of the deep under-dark, the Eeüröns found their plans foiled again and again by the might of the grey dwarf kingdoms, who they have come to truly hate. Eeüröns stand at twice the height of a human male, their bodies hirsute and broad. Curling quad-horns sprout from their skulls and their mouths are lined with sharp fangs. Their eyes burn with the reddish-orange glow of hell’s own fire.

Soulsmiths. Eeüröns are among the greatest metalworkers to have ever lived, born and bred to craft marvels of infernal steel. Each Eeürön crafts their own unique weapon as a rite of passage, and embeds a fragment of their own soul inside it. In this way the Eeüröns escape returning to the Hells when slain, protecting them from the wrath of their former masters.

Deadbolts. Deadbolts follow the Craft of ForgefatherVronazar, master of bolts and bows. They are marksmen, outrangers, and survivalists.

Flamespeakers. Flamespeakers follow the Craft of Forgefather Hrulgannan, master of fire. They are sorcerers and orators that seek to perfect the art of pyromancy.

Bellringers. Bellringers follow the Craft of Forgefathe Khannag, master of destruction, and are fanatic warriors that deafen themselves in their pursuit of ever-greater destructive strength.

Warlords. Warlords follow the Craft of High Forgefather Dhanganathor, master of masters, and are tacticians, leaders, and steady fighters. Each Eeürön war party is always led by a Warlord.

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Infernal Forges

Eeürön Bellringer, Eeürön Warlord, Eeürön Deadbolt, Eeürön Flamespeaker, Hellforge Colossus, Krub Miner 1, Krub Miner 2, Krub Hammerer, Krub Boomhurler 1, Krub Boomhurler 2


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