Infernal Forges – Krubs

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Krubs are small, frantic devils with an appearance reminiscent of both deep gnomes and goblins, their greyish skin adorned with odd, rocky protrusions in places. These chittering creatures are native to the deep ravines and lavachoked gorges of the Hells, where they dwell as sprawling, closely-interlinked clans that obsessively mine for jewels and other valuables. Krubs are greedy, impulsive, and cruel, but have an uncanny sense of community that seems to bind them together despite their utter disdain for other beings.

Cave Dwellers. Krubs are perfectly adapted to life among rock and stone, most at home far from the sun. They are expert climbers and know how to hide perfectly in rocky surroundings.

Cluck Cluck Boom. Krubs have many odd rituals, but none more deadly or revered by them as Cluck Cluck Boom, a dangerous game of chicken where two or more Krubs will hold lit dynamite sticks and seek to be the last to throw them away.

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Infernal Forges - Krubs

Krublord Skarlek, Krub Boomhurler, Krub Miner, Smidvarg


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