Äventyr – Infernal Forges

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Everything the DM needs for this adventure, except the models, is included in this booklet. NPC stats, flowsheet for the passing hours, information on what critical information the adventurers need, as well as maps of the surroundings. The DM also recieves the NPC goals for each scene, and equipment.


Utskriften av boken är gjord av proffs, och är inget hemmasnickrat.

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For almost a thousand years, the fortress-town of Wurgnd
has kept the under-dark domains of the grey dwarves safe
from the elder evils below. Wurgnd has repelled invasion
after invasion — whether the foe be devilish hordes
or swarms of aberrations from the deep, the fortress’
immense iron walls have stood unconquered for longer
than any dwarf can remember.
One such foe are the Eeüröns, the blacksmiths of the
Hells. The Eeüröns were born and bred to craft exquisite
infernal weaponry for their archdevil masters — but they
were more resourceful than their masters knew. They
broke their own bonds and escaped the Hells, making a
stronghold for themselves in the deep under-dark, below
even the realms of the dark elves and the grey dwarves.
For centuries, the Eeüröns have sought to expand their
territory and invade the surface world, and for centuries
they have been rebuffed by the gates of Wurgnd and the
might of the grey dwarf kingdoms. After many failed
sieges, the Eeüröns have been unheard of for almost two
hundred years. Two months ago, however, they devised
a plan to drain the Boiling Caverns that provide Wurgnd
with warmth by rerouting the immense river of lava that
gives the cave complex its name. With the heat necessary
to grow food gradually fading, Wurgnd is in danger of
being starved out and is now flooded with refugees from
the small provincial settlements below it. Meanwhile, the
Eeürön are channeling the heat of the stolen lava flow into
their newly-made fortress-forge of Brognazur, where they
are constructing infernal weapons powerful enough to
finally breach Wurgnd’s gates.
With their food stores dwindling, their forces spread thin,
and several scouting expeditions below failing to return,
the grey dwarves of Wurgnd have few options remaining.
They have reached out to their few connections on the
surface in the hopes of enlisting adventurers brave and
tenacious enough to investigate the source of the problem
and, should they have the mettle, solve it themselves…


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