Temple of Time – Ancient Overseer (50mm bas)

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The Overseers were once the vaunted lords of the old
Ikayen – part philosopher, part statesman, and part
arcanist, they ruled as the undisputed masters of their
people. In their hubris, however, they sought to master
powers beyond their ken, attempting to steal the secrets of
life eternal from creatures that dwelled beyond the realms
of sane reality. Their great error transformed them into
horrendous aberrations, their heads swelling to grotesque
size and tearing loose from their bodies, hair twisting into
fleshy eye-tipped pseudopods, and their faces coalescing
into a single blazing eye.

Ravenous Tyrants. The Overseers were the first great
threat to the fledgling Ikayen people, and were eventually
imprisoned by their former subjects. They still think
themselves the rightful rulers of all, however, and believe
it is their destiny to subjugate the world.

Endless Hate. Overseers are utterly mad, each one
viewing itself as the central focus of the universe and the
only truly sapient being. They hate all other creatures,
particularly one-another, deriving only utter disgust from
the sight of living beings.

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Dimensioner 5.2 cm

Arlund, Treyis, Garram, Elleth


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