Temple of Time – Bethir (75mm bas)

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The first bethirs were born in the depths beneath the
oldest of mountains, where forgotten dragon eggs lay
dormant in that ageless dark. Enemies of the Ikayen
Empire – driven to the harshest, darkest reaches of the
world by their foes – found them there, and used foul
magic to reshape the inert creatures within into hideous
monsters that would serve at their command.

Stormworms. A bethir’s form pulses with electrical
energy, its very heartbeat sending arcs of lightning
flickering across its hide. Simply standing near one of these
creatures can be deadly.
Dragonspite. Bethirs are arrogant creatures, inheriting
the pride of their draconic ancestors, but feel robbed of
the majesty and power possessed by true dragons. This
self-hatred manifests as a cold, murderous spite that makes
bethirs dangerously unpredictable at the best of times.

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Dimensioner 11.1 cm

Arlund, Treyis, Garram, Elleth


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