Temple of Time – Gargoyle 1-4 (50mm bas)

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In elder days, the western mountains were traversed by
hardy bands of barbarian raiders. These prolific raiders
paid homage to a god of stone and storm said to dwell at
the highest peak – until promises of power drew them into
the worship of foul things from the abyssal realms. They
turned upon their priests, butchering them, and their god
summoned all his power to lay a great curse upon every
one of them. They were twisted into grotesque, stony
forms, cursed to be always followed by great storms.

Stormbound. When struck by lightning, one of the
stonecursed is instantly frozen in place, becoming a lifeless
statue. As a result, they shun the light of day and dwell
deep underground, plotting revenge upon their wrathful

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Dimensioner 6.3 cm

Gargoyle 1, Gargoyle 2, Gargoyle 3, Gargoyle 4


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