Temple of Time – Ikayen Monk (2 poser) (25mm bas)

40 kr


The calamitous fall of the Ikayen Empire left a few small embers
in its wake. Small enclaves of the empire’s warrior caste survived
the destruction of their civilization. These warriors without a
cause, scarred by the death of their empire and the descent into
hubris that preceded it, receded into the shadows of the world,
taking the last of the empire’s secrets with them.
Now dedicated to an ascetic existence of solemn
guardianship, the last of the Ikayen seek to
preserve the relics of the empire and prevent them from falling
into the hands of outsiders.
Time Warriors. The Ikayen monks are privy to ancient martial
disciplines that not only hone their bodies into living weapons,
but allow them to perceive beyond the veil of time – and even
step aside of it at times.

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Dimensioner 6.3 cm

Monk 1, Monk 2


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