Temple of Time – Nothic (25mm bas)

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In the heyday of the Ikayen, the empire maintained its
vast arcane repositories and halls of knowledge via a caste
of lorekeepers raised from birth to serve this role. As the
nature of the empire darkened over time, its rulers became
wary of these cloistered scholars, fearful that they could
one day use the incredible knowledge stored within their
eidetic memories to grab power for themselves.

To stave off such a future, the Ikayen turned to dark
blood magics that would strip away the humanity of their
loremasters and bind them to magically-compelled service.
They became pale, wretched creatures, their single eyes
gleaming with arcane light and their minds driven to the
brink of insanity.

Body Snatchers. The rites that mutilated these creatures
into their new forms had many unforeseen side-effects –
one being the ability to project their minds into the bodies
of others.
Ageless Obsession. Ancient nothics spitefully guard the
secrets they were entrusted with, seeing themselves as
their true owners, and will often pursue stolen treasures or
lost lore that was once under their protection for hundreds
if not thousands of years.

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Dimensioner 3.5 cm

Arlund, Treyis, Garram, Elleth


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