Verminhorde – Putrilus Vile (25mm bas)

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Putrilus Vile was once an exile, a Vreek cast out by his
fellows for failing to make good on an attempted coup.
Lost and alone, delving through the very darkest, vilest
depths of the undercity of Old Myrillium, Putrilus came
upon a powerful force of eldritch corruption – the
Blightstone. He became obsessed with its power and its
ability to visit terrible mutations upon living flesh.
Tapping into the powerful source of magic and allowing
it to infest his body, Putrilus has gathered an army of
fellow exiles into a clan of his own – one connected in
spirit and in flesh by the horrific rot that spreads from the

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Dimensioner 3.8 cm

Mutant 1, Mutant 2, Mutant 3


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