Verminhorde – Sewer Skidder 1-6 (25mm bas)

45 kr


Sewer Skidders are vreeks – hunched, ratlike humanoids
that dwell in dark warrens and subterranean environments
across the breadth of the world. The Sewer Skidders
live under the city of Myrillium, in its ancient, collapsed
undercity, subsisting upon the settlement’s leavings. They
are cautious creatures that prefer to lurk in the shadows of
civilization, just out of sight, but are vicious fighters and
survivalists when confronted.

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Sewer Skidder 1, Sewer Skidder 2, Sewer Skidder 3, Sewer Skidder 4, Sewer Skidder 5, Sewer Skidder 6


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