Äventyr – Void Stalkers

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In the dark between planes, alien predators track the wispthin
flickers of light that trail behind planeshifting magic.
The inscrutable and eldritch yssoloth watch attentively as
the flickers come and go, waiting for the perfect moment
to strike. What these creatures want, few can say – but
they have an endless hunger for the magical core that
allows powerful creatures to travel between planes.
Iridesanar is one such being – a solarix. Powerful and
ancient celestials, the solarix are perpetual wanderers,
moving from plane to plane, the light they carry with
them serving to bolster the walls of reality. Like most of
its kin, Iridesanar is a being of single-minded adherence to
its cosmic duty, and has traveled the planes for millennia.
Roughly a week ago, during its flight through the
elemental sea, Iridesanar was taken unawares by a beast
from the depths. It survived the encounter, but was gravely
wounded. In their churning nightmare realm beyond the
light of reality, a hunting party of yssoloth took notice, and
descended upon the wounded solarix.
Hounded from world to world by the alien beings,
Iridesanar is on its last legs. It has had little time to
recuperate from its battle in the elemental sea, and
it cannot shake its pursuers, who chase the celestial
relentlessly, sensing that it is weak. Its great powers are
waning, and it has taken temporary shelter on a material
Iridesanar appeared two days ago, over the small fishing
village of Falton. Struggling to stay aloft and not wholly
aware of his surroundings, it crashed its way through the
hapless settlement, leaving an immense scar of flame in its
wake. It made for the nearby mountains and has hidden
among them to recoup its strength.
The yssoloth are hot on its trail, however, and the
celestial’s fiery emergence has not gone unnoticed…


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