Void Stalkers – Vanasir Ihram

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A tall, broad-shouldered man with hawkish features and bright blue eyes that flash like distant lightning. He wears flowing blue and grey robes that flutter strangely.

Background: Vanasir has spent his life in pursuit of the higher mysteries. As a young man his arcane talents were recognized by the crown, and he was taken in by a cabal of wizards. Entranced by the wonder and power of magic, he was continually disappointed by his fellow mages, finding their courtly politics and internal bickering endlessly tiresome. Being constantly let down by other spellcasters has made him misanthropic, suspicious, and arrogant, assuming that most people are either shallow or stupid. After disentangling himself from his old cabal in a destructive magical firefight that left many of his fellows maimed or worse, he has retreated into his studies, and his closest friend now is the sentient gelatinous cube Rubix, which he keeps as a pet.


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