Wild Hunt – Briallyn Gold-Leaf (25mm bas)

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Briallyn is a relatively young sylvoth elf, having seen
only a century turn, but one born under auspicious
circumstances. Grievously wounded on a hunt, her mother
petitioned the Lady of the Loch to save her unborn
daughter – and the Lady listened. The archfey appeared
to the dying elf, plucking a leaf from a nearby tree and
turning it a bright shade of gold, compelling her to eat it.
It healed her injuries, and, when Briallyn was born three
months later, her eyes and hair were bright gold.
A talented warrior and eager hunter, Briallyn leads the
gladewardens of her teulud, having devoted her life to
the protection of Gwyll against dark forces – undead,
fiends, aberrations, and other such unnatural beings. Her
exceptional drive and steadfast devotion to the Lady of
the Loch is an outgrowth of her origins, Briallyn firmly
believing that she owes the archfey her life, and therefore
her service.
She is patient and composed in the completion of her
duties, but outspoken and prone to cutting remarks in her
interactions with others, rarely holding her tongue when
passing judgement.

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