Wild Hunt – Lady of the Loch (50mm bas)

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One of the ancient archfey, the Lady of the Loch hails
from a time before any human first laid stone upon stone
or marvelled at the gift of fire, when the material world
and the realms of the fey were nearly indivisible from one
another. While she has receded from the mortal world like
most of her kin, the Lady retains an anchor in the material
realm, claiming the ancient forest of Gwyll as her and her
husband’s domain.
A deific power of the old world, the Lady of the Loch is
a protector spirit, smiling upon those who demonstrate
honour, chivalric virtue, and courage. She is a fixture of
Lochlands folklore, acting in myths and children’s stories
as a chooser of heroes and patron of champions, who puts
great challenges before chosen warriors and bestows upon
those that please her dazzling rewards.
According to legend, she dwells in the ancient lake of Loch
Llyndrych, at the heart of Gwyll Forest.

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