Wild Hunt – Lord of the Hunt (75mm bas)

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The Lord of the Hunt is a power of the ancient world, born
in a time of primordial and violence before the first tools
were shaped. One of the last archfey to remain tethered to
the material world, he embodies the thrill of the hunt, the
struggle to survive, and the relentless nature of death itself.
To the elves of Gwyll, he is a god of predation and
vengeance, called upon only in times of great need. To
the few humans that still remember him, the Lord of
the Hunt is a grim spectre representing the terrible and
indiscriminate dangers of the wilderness. His role in myth
and legend is as a cruel master to be constantly sated,
bringing winter and ruin should the proper respect not be
paid to him, but rewarding those who show cunning and

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