Wild Hunt – Sylvoth Warrior 1-3 (25mm bas)

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The sylvoth are a clade of elves distinguished by their close
relationship to the dreaming realms of the fey. In elder
days, when a great catastrophe splintered the elvish race,
the sylvoth withdrew into the tangled wilderness of Gwyll
Forest. A twilit forest where the walls between worlds
are worn thin by plentiful natural magic, Gwyll is a place
where the power of the old fey still lingers in the world,
and the sylvoth have been fundamentally changed by that
Sylvoth are similar to many elves in appearance, in that
they have pointed ears, angular features, and slender
builds. They are notable in that they sport curling horns
and cloven feet, and their males stand well over eight foot

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Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3


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