4) Curse of the Skinwalkers

4-5 spelare som är level 5.

“This module is a 5e adventure designed for a party of 4-5 level 5 characters, built to be plugged easily into an existing campaign or as a stand-alone adventure. The adventure is a self-contained story that combines classic horror with the mystery and paranoia of a cabin-fever tale. The characters must fight to survive against a pack of ravenous lycanthropes, while navigating the tense atmosphere that brews around them and the NPCs that populate the adventure. Haunted pasts, conflicting agendas, and longnursed grudges combine to fill the characters with doubt and mistrust.”

“Curse of the Skinwalkers does not have a standard hook, or follow a normal three-act structure. The adventure is best inserted as the characters travel from one previously established location to another. Rather than a mission with a clear objective, Curse of the Skinwalkers is an event that can happen to the characters on their travels.”

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