2) Flesh to Stone

”Flesh to Stone” är del 2 i sagan ”The Hoard of Ghaundal”. (Verminhorde är del 1).
5 spelare som är level 5.

”High atop the wind-scarred Thunderpeak mountains, a slumbering titan stirs, its petrifying breath potent enough that even in its sleep, it twists the monsters of the mountains into strange, stony forms. The savage orcs of the Thunderpeaks have discovered how to harness its power, and now they seek to awaken it, and bring ruin to the lands below…”

A mountaineering adventure where the characters must clamber to the highest of peaks, Flesh to Stone is Part II in an ongoing series of interconnected adventures. Featuring 10+ fully playtested Epic Monsters & NPC statblocks + extensive rich lore.

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