1) Verminhorde

“Verminhorde” är del 1 i sagan “The Hoard of Ghaundal”. (“Flesh to Stone” är del 2).
5 spelare som är level 4.

“From deep beneath the filth-encrusted sewers of the city of Myrillium comes the Verminhorde, a chittering swarm of vicious ratfolk. Ages of stewing amidst the detritus of the city above them has twisted these creatures into foul, mutated monsters, driven half-mad by disease – and now they have spilled out of their holes and into the light of day.”

“A sewer-exploration adventure where the characters must brave the darkness below, Verminhorde is Part I in an ongoing series of interconnected adventures. Featuring 10+ fully playtested Epic Monsters & NPC statblocks + extensive rich lore.”

Part 1 of 2. (Part 2 is the adventure Flesh to Stone)

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