Mutant – Ron Dorgo

45 kr inkl. moms.


Ron Dorgo was a Watanabe security guard for 6 years with nothing to show for it except a nice apartment, a luxury car, and a beautiful wife. He had done everything they asked, so he had no questions when he got a chance to join what he thought was an elite guard squad. That’s what they said the shot was for.

Now he is stronger, tougher, and looks much more intimidating than he did before. Sadly, Ron’s wife wasn’t a fan of his new face, and the apartment building evicted him citing a “no cyber mutants” clause that everyone had laughed about when he signed the lease.

With no wife to worry about, Ron went ahead and gave Watanabe permission to replace his arm with the ZF-1 Cannon. He got a great bonus check for that one!

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Watanabe Pulse Trooper A, Watanabe Pulse Trooper B, Watanabe Pulse Trooper (Z)


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