Cyberpunk – Yakuza Big Boss – Eyahashi Watanabe

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Eyahashi Watanabe is a shining example of just how high you can rise in Papsikel’s City if you’re not bothered by concerns of legality in your business dealings. Watanabe-san distances himself from the more overtly criminal sides of his organization, leaving underlings to do the dirty work while he collects the profits from his luxury penthouse.

Watanabe is synonymous with military hardware. The Colonial Marines use Watanabe pulse rifles. Watanabe keeps these men and women well-supplied and well-armed, but their internal “auditors” seem to be anticipating more than hackers breaching digital firewalls. What are they working on that needs this kind of security?

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Watanabe Pulse Trooper A, Watanabe Pulse Trooper B, Watanabe Pulse Trooper (Z)


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