Harbinger of Damnation – Space Shuttle

600 kr inkl. moms.


Harbinger of Damnation by WatCorp Designs.


  • 1x Front Wing Right.
  • 1x Front Wing Left.
  • 1x Rear Wing Mount Right.
  • 1x Rear Wing Mount Left.
  • 1x Rear Wing Right.
  • 1x Rear Wing Left.
  • 1x Lower Tail Right.
  • 1x Lower Tail Left.
  • 1x Tail Wing Side Right.
  • 1x Tail Wing Side Left.
  • 1x Tail Top Wings.
  • 1x Tail Thruster.
  • 1x Control Panel.
  • 1x Communications Equipment Right.
  • 1x Communications Equipment Left.
  • 1x Canopy – Upper Right.
  • 1x Canopy – Upper Left.
  • 1x Canopy – Lower Right.
  • 1x Canopy – Lower Left.
  • 2x Stubber.
  • 1x Landing Gear Foot.
  • 1x Landing Gear Support (1x Short, and 1x Tall).
  • 2x Front Landing Mount.
  • 2x Front Landing Gear Foot.
  • 2x Landing Gear Front Support (2x Short, and 2x Tall)
  • 1x Hull – Nose.
  • 1x Hull – Nose Plate.
  • 1x Hull – Lower Front Right.
  • 1x Hull – Lower Front Left.
  • 1x Hull – Upper Front Right.
  • 1x Hull – Upper Front Left.
  • 1x Hull – Rear Right.
  • 1x Hull – Rear Left.
  • 8x Ceiling Lights.
  • 1x Ramp.
  • 2x Pilot Chairs.
  • 4x Cargo Chairs.

Aproximate print time: 66 hours.

For additional corruption; Check out ”Corrupted Walls”.

The parts will be printed with maize-based PLA, and in 0.12mm to 0.15mm layer height. Resin layers will be 0.03 mm in height.


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