Industrial Enclave

“Industrial Enclave is a fully modular 3D printable terrain system designed for your favourite 28mm – 32mm sci-fi and cyberpunk wargames and RPGs. This terrain set is designed to provide gamers with maximum flexibility on their gaming tables to suit any game, scenario, or campaign.”
“Games systems such as Necromunda, Warhammer, Stargrave, Deadzone, Star Wars Legion, and Killteam all play wonderfully on this terrain set!”
“The modular tab system allows for quick and easy battlefield reconfiguration. The building modules are infinitely stackable and parapets, ladders, and stairs simply snap into place where you need them.
Scaled for use with 28mm to 32mm miniatures. We understand that there can be a significant difference in height between a 28mm ‘true scale’ mini and a 32mm ‘heroic’ scale mini – our terrain has been designed with both of these scales in mind and can be scaled further to meet your particular needs.”

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