The Mad Doctor & Fleshlings (25mm bas) – Bloodroot Manor

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The Doctor: “… The figure in front of you limps aided by a decorated
walking stick, wearing an abhorrent tunic
made of patched humanoid skin. Metal pipes and
conduits protrude from the flesh of his atrophic
arm forming a minimalistic exoskeleton. He
watches you with an amused grin imprinted on
his face half covered by a metal apparatus …”

The Fleshlings: “The Fleshlings are partially successful experiments.
The minimalist nature and del Dottore’s obsession
with functionality over style made him see something
useful in them, no wasted resources, just alternative
possibilities. The Fleshlings are an amalgam
of advanced parts from different incompatible bodies
whose meats are forcibly fused together and animated
by the necroserum, the results vary widely,
but as a general line the product of this is a crooked,
deformed and abject creature.”

32mm scale

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The Mad Doctor, Fleshling #1, Fleshling #2, Fleshling #3


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