Cyber Ravager – Vareezna

36 kr inkl. moms.


“Vareezna never intended to join the Cyber Cult. She had no desire to leave the neon glows of downtown Papsikels City. But that was a long time ago, and she had been so much more innocent then. Now, revenge is the only thing that motivates her. Having lost her arms in the accident, Vareezna was already wearing more conventional prosthetics. After a ransom-ware attack on her prosthetics left her unable to use her arms when she couldn’t afford the ransom, 2P helped her get something a bit less “lady-like.” This lady likes them just fine; just fine, indeed.”

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Watanabe Pulse Trooper A, Watanabe Pulse Trooper B, Watanabe Pulse Trooper (Z)


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