Harbinger of Damnation – Medical Bay & Lab (Complete Set)

440 kr inkl. moms.


Harbinger of Damnation by WatCorp Designs.

Includes several parts:


  • 1x Microscope.
  • 1x Left Door for Medicinal Fridge.
  • 1x Right Door for Medicinal Fridge.
  • 1x Centrifuge.
  • 1x Tools on a Tray.
  • 1x Specimin Vessel.
  • 1x Subject Chair.
  • 1x Subject Chair Connector.
  • 1x Computer.
  • 1x Flat Chair Connector.
  • 1x Mounting Plate.
  • 3x Security Cameras.


  • 1x Wall “Red Cross” with Slotted Window (Room for acetate plastic sheet, not included).
  • 3x Wall Plain.
  • 1x Wide Medbay Wall with two pillars, and two doors, one of which is slotted and movable, and also with a window with room for acetate plastic (not included).
  • 2x Wall for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • 1x Wall with Two Specimin Tanks.
  • 1x Wall with Sliding Door and text “Restricted”.
  • 1x Wall for Shelves.
  • 4x 90°-Corner Connecting Pillars.
  • 8x Connecting Pillar (Female/Male).
  • 8x Connecting Pillar (Female/Female).
  • 2x Connecting Pillar (Female/Female/Female).
  • 4x Floors Big Tiles.
  • 1x Floor Small Tiles.
  • 1x Floor Small Tiles with Drains.
  • 2x Scanners for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • 2x Bed for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • 2x Bed Base for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • 1x Medicinal Fridge.
  • 1x Table top with Computer Terminal.
  • 1x Table top, Empty.
  • 4x Table Legs.
  • 1x Sample Analyzer.
  • 1x Subject Chair Base.

Aproximate print time: 155 hours.

For additional corruption; Check out “Corrupted Walls”.

The parts will be printed with maize-based PLA, and in 0.12mm to 0.15mm layer height. Resin layers will be 0.03 mm in height.


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