Harbinger of Damnation – Command Deck (Complete Set)

480 kr inkl. moms.


Harbinger of Damnation by WatCorp Designs.

Includes several parts:


  • 2x Cameras for Doorway.


  • 2x 45°-Angled Left Elongated Corner Connecting Pillars.
  • 2x 45°-Angled Right Elongated Corner Connecting Pillars.
  • 6x 90° Corner Connecting Pillars.
  • 4x Connecting Pillars (Female/Male).
  • 4x Connecting Pillars (Female/Female).
  • 4x Connecting Pillars (Female/Female/Female).
  • 5x “I”-Shaped Top Joiners (Covers 2 knobs).
  • 6x “L”-Shaped Top Joiners. (Covers 3 knobs).
  • 1x Command Throne with Pipes.
  • 1x Command Throne.
  • 1x Monitor with Multimount.
  • 1x Large Monitor.
  • 1x Small Monitor.
  • 1x Monitor Stand.
  • 1x Monitor Mount.
  • 2x Navigator Chairs.
  • 1x Navigator Floor.
  • 1x Navigator Workstation A.
  • 1x Navigator Workstation B.
  • 1x Strategium Floor.
  • 1x Strategium Top.
  • 1x Strategium Base.
  • 1x Strategium Projector with Globe.
  • 1x Strategium Projector “Off”.
  • 1x Weapons Control Floor.
  • 1x Weapons Control Station.
  • 1x Display Floor.
  • 1x Display Base.
  • 1x Display, Slotted for Acetate Plastic Display.
  • 2x Short Display, Slotted for Acetate Plastic Display.
  • 2x Walls, Windows with Shutters Closed.
  • 4x Walls, Windows with No Shutters.
  • 1x Wall #1 with Arches, Vents, and Cables.
  • 1x Wall #2 with Reinforced Steel.
  • 5x Floors for the Different Workstations.
  • 2x Floors, Corners.
  • 1x Main Doorway, 1x Wall Top with text “AD ASTRA”, 1x Door Left, 1x Door Right.

Aproximate print time: 144 hours.

For additional corruption; Check out “Corrupted Walls”.

The parts will be printed with maize-based PLA, and in 0.12mm to 0.15mm layer height. Resin layers will be 0.03 mm in height.


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