PCPD Elite Reaction Liquidator – Peterson Campbell

45 kr inkl. moms.


“Liquidators remove the problems”
A fitting motto for PCPD‘s response to the super ex-soldier criminals that started to terrorize the city in the aftermath of the virus,” though Cambell as he looked at the shadow urned onto the wall that had been a person moments before, if you could call a 7’ tall, 950 lbs of augmented muscle and bone, with a combat neuro-processor replacing the left half of its brain a person.
PCPD’s response to the enhanced criminals threatening the city. Armed with the best of last week’s cutting edge mili-tech (Moore’s law is nearly instantaneous now), the Liquidators let the citizens of Papz City sleep peacefully at night.

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Watanabe Pulse Trooper A, Watanabe Pulse Trooper B, Watanabe Pulse Trooper (Z)


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