Harbinger of Damnation – Gun Deck (Complete Set)

610 kr inkl. moms.


Harbinger of Damnation by WatCorp Designs.

Includes several parts:


  • 24x Field Generators.


  • 6x Walls with Munitions Portals, + 6x Left Flaps, + 6x Right flaps, + 6x Plugs.
  • 2x Wall #1.
  • 1x Wall type ”Ammo Wall”.
  • 4x 90° Corner Connecting Pillars.
  • 6x Connecting Pillars (Female/Female).
  • 6x Connecting Pillars (Female/Male).
  • 3x Solid Cannons (With winder, breach, mount, cannon).
  • 3x Energy Cannons (With energy coils, winder, 2 types of energy cells, cannon, barrel, mount)
  • 6x Floor type ”Gun Deck”.
  • 3x Floor type ”Ammo Rail” #1-3.
  • 1x Ammo Carriage.
  • 1x Shell Gurney.
  • 1x Energy Cell Gurney.

Aproximate print time: 145 hours.

For additional corruption; Check out ”Corrupted Walls”.

The parts will be printed with maize-based PLA, and in 0.12mm to 0.15mm layer height. Resin layers will be 0.03 mm in height.


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