Ursalox – Wyrm Hunter (2 Variations)

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”Emerging from the depths of the deep blue the Anchor Whirler is here to bring some summer fun!

He is also bringing pain!”


En design av Witchsong Miniatures.

110mm hög.

Ursalox loathes dragons with every death-hardened fiber of her being. They offer the world nothing but fire and agony, and delivered just that onto her tribe when Ursalox was still but a cub. Now believing herself the last of her rare breed of greatbear, she hunts all dragon-kind with an obsessive passion, fueled as often by need for the kill as the brief satiation that comes with revenge. Though she bears no ill will to other sentient beings, any adventurer who stumbles across her path should tread carefully. Provide her with means by which to further her goal, and Ursalox may well be the greatest ally you could ask for.

But give her any reason to believe you intend to interfere with her plans, and she will tear you limb from limb without a second’s pause…

Ursalox was always meant to be a ”friend or foe” sort of deal. She could befriend the party and help them, but if you get on her bad side… Well. Good luck. I think the two poses fit her perfectly.” – Witchsong Miniatures.

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Dimensioner 20 cm

Ursalox Standing, Ursalox Sitting


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