Fantasy LEDs

These products feature insertable LED technique. Suitable for use with easy to find Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) that do not require any electrical knowledge, or special manipulation. It’s as easy as placing the LED ball in the designated spot in the model and removing a tab to turn the light on, and reinserting the tab to turn the light off. This gives the models, and tabletop, a great atmosphere, with super easy assembly! Forget about diodes, anodes or cathodes – This is as effortless as joining two lego bricks!

You can find the LEDS easily online on most online sellers of mass material like the site named after a South American rainforest, or other online providers from the far east. Look for names like “Led Ball Balloon”.
Of course, here on I will provide you with the balls you need to feel happy.

The balls are available in a variety of colors, but I will only include warm white light emitting balls from Note that to fit correctly in the gaps they must measure no more than 14 millimeters (≈0,55 inches) in horizontal diameter and 16mm vertically (≈0,62 inches). A 14x13x13 (mm) or 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.5 (inches) for example would be pretty standard.

On all transparent parts will be printed in colourless transparent resin unless otherwise stated. You, the customer, may ask for a specific colour, but it might cost extra as I then need to colour a vat of resin with inks, and afterwards clean it so as not to contaminate other prints, but nothing is impossible =).

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